The Company

Set up towards the end of 2001, Deca's key characteristics are innovation and versatility, applied to all our products as we are well aware of the importance of adapting to requirements that change rapidly without sacrificing quality.

We offer our customers innovative customised systems that can process a wide range of different pieces.

Thanks to our widespread network of contacts with specialised companies, built up and honed over the years, we can ensure maximum reliability to our customers and the best solutions at competitive prices.

Italy at the centre

The quality and customer service first and foremost is for these reasons that Deca does not only produce all its cars entirely at its plant in Italy, under direct supervision, but also decided to use parts and components produced in Italy or in any Europe, in case of specific customer requirements make it necessary.

The reasons for this choice? First, the long tradition of metalworking territory makes its highly reliable products, as well as provides the best solutions for your specific problem. Benefits in addition to, not secondary, to the easy availability of each component, with significant savings on time delivery.